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Christmas 2020


We never know what the New Year will bring but this time last year nobody could have envisaged what 2020 would be like.

An incredibly turbulent and difficult time with so many people not being able to spend time with the people they love.


Many of those that sadly lost loved ones during this time have been unable to hold the services they would have chosen or to have all of their family and friends attend.

We want you to know that our thoughts are with you all


Those we have lost are never out of our thoughts and as we approach Christmas we would like to invite you to place a message for them on our Memorial Tree.

Tags for you to write your message on are now in place in our offices in Buckley and Shotton (Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 4pm).

If you are unable to come in due to the strange times we find ourselves in we can send you a memorial tag  or write one on your behalf,  please call 01244 544845 or 01244 638818.


Sending you all our warmest wishes xx



We are collecting items to support the Flintshire Foodbank this Christmas. They provide emergency food to local people in crisis.

The following items would be most welcomed.


Tinned/packet potatoes                                                        

Tinned/packet custard   

Tinned rice pudding                                                      Toiletries/soap/toothpaste


If you are able to donate any of the above please bring them along to either of our offices (Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 4pm).

We will be delivering all donated items on 21st December.


Thank you xx



£25 donation

to the Royal British Legion when you take out a Golden Charter funeral plan from 1st September 2020 until 31st January 2021.


We're proud to support The Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion helps members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, reservists, veterans and their families. The charity works hard to provide lifelong support for serving and ex-serving personnel, every day of the week, all year round.

That support is needed now, more than ever, which is why we'll donate £25 for every eligible Golden Charter funeral plan purchased.* It means that when you take out a funeral plan, you'll also be helping to provide that vital, lifelong support for our Armed Forces community.


*Please contact us for further information.















14th February 2020


Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors Ltd



  • Local funeral director Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors Ltd has signed the new 2020 Fair Funerals pledge committing to transparent pricing practices and payment terms.
  • Funeral industry under pressure as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) conducts a full inquiry into the sector.
  • Average debt taken on by those who struggle with funeral costs has increased by 14% since 2018[i].
  • The average cost for a funeral in Flintshire, according to the Royal London Report, is £4,418 for a burial and £3,317 for a cremation.

Local funeral director Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors has committed to providing transparent pricing by signing the Fair Funerals pledge. The pledge has been relaunched by the charity Quaker Social Action amid ongoing concerns at the scale of price rises and the behaviour of some funeral directors in the sector, with the Competition and Markets Authority currently conducting a full scale inquiry.

The average cost of a funeral in the UK has soared in recent years leaving many families thousands of pounds in debt. According to Royal London, the average simple funeral now stands at £3,785. Last year the CMA stated that the essential elements of organising a funeral have increased by 6% each year – twice the inflation rate – for the last 14 years.

Upon the launch of the investigation last year, the CMAiii accused some funeral directors of taking advantage by charging high prices at a time when customers were vulnerable. It said the reluctance of firms to disclose clear prices, including online, and to provide comprehensive information on the quality and range of services made it hard for people to compare funeral directors. The CMA has since reported that half of the funeral director websites they audited did not contain price information.

Quaker Social Action, which provides the only UK-wide helpline for people struggling with funeral costs, has relaunched the Fair Funerals pledge to encourage funeral directors to address the national funeral poverty crisis from within the industry itself.

The relaunched Fair Funerals pledge provides customers with an online tool to check whether their local funeral director is committed to helping them find a funeral within their means, ensuring they are open about the price of their services, including any third party costs, any deposit required and when the final balance is due.


Tracy Kane, director of Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors, said:


‘’Arranging a funeral can be overwhelming and it can be very difficult to find clear, comparable information when choosing a funeral director.

People are often unaware of the huge variations in the prices different funeral directors charge, and without clear options given or displayed on websites they may find themselves agreeing to a funeral service they cannot afford.

Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors have signed the Fair Funerals pledge 2020 to help people make an informed decision by committing to being transparent with information and prices in initial conversations, on our website and on our price lists.’’


Lindesay Mace, manager of QSA’s funeral poverty service Down to Earth, said:

“Last year Royal London reported that the average debt taken on by those who struggle with funeral costs had increased by 14% since 2018. We frequently support clients who are confused and unclear about quotes they have been given; what costs are for, whether third party fees are included or simply what the total will be, having been told they will only get something in writing after the funeral. Clearly much more needs to be done and so the Fair Funerals pledge is continuing its activity as part of Quaker Social Action’s Down to Earth service. We’re very happy that Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors has signed.”


Richard, who recently organised a funeral, said:

“The most important thing is the costs are transparent so the bereaved family can clearly understand what costs are needed … and that wasn’t my experience to start with. The first company I contacted was prompting me to sort out the date and get everything arranged and I felt they were just skirting over the costs and it wasn’t clear how much it would be. When I eventually got the quote it was more than I thought. That’s the key point; there shouldn’t be any hidden costs.''



Christmas 2019


We delivered all of the donated items we received to the Help the Homeless team today.
What wonderful people they are to give their homes (to store all of the donations) and their time to prepare them and hand them out. Thank you to Mark, Mel and all the team for the amazing work you do.


''Wow we had loads of donations today that were already booked in for drop off a couple weeks ago thanks to Pam Davey for your lovely bags for the homeless thanks to Mike Antrobus for dropping it off thanks mate
And Busby and kaine Tracy kaine
We are going through your car load wow we are so humble what ever we can't use we will give to food Bank and people struggling this Xmas most of it we can use
So big thank you to everyone who's donated we are stopping donations till new year we may put a shout for single items but we are critically full
So all I have to say from all the team
We wish you a merry Christmas see yous in the new year thank you so much'' xxxx

Mark Jones (from the help the homeless team)



Christmas 2019


We have been collecting for the Help the Homeless team this Christmas, and we are completely overcome with gratitude for the amount of items that have been donated.
Thank you so, so much.




Christmas 2019

This Christmas we are supporting the Help the Homeless team.

Established for six years, they are a group of friends who collect donated items and hand them out every Wednesday in North East Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool.

Any of the following would be most appreciated:
- Dry food - noodles, soup, biscuits, chocolate, crisps.

- Hats, gloves, scarves, socks.
- Sleeping bags, quilts.

If you are able to donate any of the above please bring them to our office in Buckley or Shotton (Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4pm) before 20th December.

Thank you x



Christmas 2019

Our loved ones are always in our hearts and thoughts and as we approach Christmas we would like to invite you to place a message for them on our Memorial Tree.

A tree and tags, for you to write your message on, are now in place in our offices in Buckley and Shotton. Please call in Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4pm.

If you would like us to send you a memorial tag or write one on your behalf please call 01244 544845 or 01244 638818.



September 2019


We are proud to announce that our new office in Shotton is now open.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us today (14th September 2019).

The office was officially opened by Zoe Ellis and Karen Ellis-Cosstick.










We are pleased to announce that we will soon be opening our 2nd branch of Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors Ltd.


Our new branch will be opening in September 2019 at 42 Chester Road East, Shotton CH5 1QA. Tel: 01244 638818.


Until then all enquiries can be directed to our Buckley branch on 01244544845.




Christmas Charity Collection 2018


Thank you so much for all the kind donations we have received for Soul Kitchen Chester. We were again overwhelmed by the amount donated. 




Christmas Memorial Tree


At this time of year we especially remember our loved ones and we would like to invite you to place a message for them on our Memorial Tree.


The tree and the tags, for you to write your message on, are now situated in our office. Please call in Monday to Thursday - 8.15am to 4pm and Friday 8:15am to 3pm.         



Christmas Charity Collection.


The charity we have chosen to support this Christmas is Soul Kitchen Chester who are a group of people coming together to support and feed anybody experiencing food poverty or homelessness in Chester.

They meet every Saturday night to provide hot food and drinks, clothing, shower facilities, support and conversation to those that are homeless or struggling financially.
They also provide an outreach service - taking hot food and drinks out onto the streets to support those that cannot come to see them.


The following items would be most welcomed.


Tins, jars or packets of food.


Socks, gloves or hats.

Chocolate bars.


If you are able to donate any of the above please bring them along to our office (Monday to Thursday - 8.15am to 4pm and Friday 8:15am to 3pm before 21st December 2018).


Thank you.          




Funeral Planner of the Year                           Award 2018

We were honoured to be nominated and extremely thrilled and proud to have won the Regional Funeral Planner of the Year.


We have been named the best small/medium sized funeral planner in the West Midlands and North Wales region at this year’s Funeral Planner of the Year Awards, run by funeral plan provider Golden Charter.


We had a lovely evening at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh where the awards took place, hosted by radio DJ Ken Bruce and featuring a performance by the world-famous, amazing Red Hot Chilli Pipers.


In addition to the award the Woodland Trust has dedicated trees on our behalf, which are to be planted at Coed y Garth, Flintshire Woodland Trust site in recognition of our achievement.


Golden Charter CEO Suzanne Grahame said: “The respected and caring work of independent funeral directors within their local communities often goes unrecognised and so it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Mark & Tracy at Busby & Kane Independent Funeral Directors for their tremendous achievement in winning this award.

The award recognises the excellent service they have delivered to their local community, by helping individuals through the funeral plan process and supporting families when they need it the most.”



Foodbank Donations - Christmas 2017


We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the lovely families that have donated towards our chosen charity the Flintshire Foodbank. A huge thank you from them and a personal thank you from Tracy & Mark for your kindness.

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